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Welcome to the SharePoint + PowerShell Virtual User Group!
Here you can find a listing of all of our past and scheduled meetings as well as downloadable resources from each event.
SpeakersTopic ResourcesLinks DemosMember Demos
 April 17th 8PM

Doug Hemminger

Raymond Mitchell

PowerPivot & other BI commands /

REST APIs + PowerShell




March 27th Raymond Mitchell
SPListItem / SPFile 

- Open List Items

- Download SPFiles from a library 

December 19th

  Raymond Mitchell

Matthias Einig


 Solutions / Features


SharePoint Solution Deployer

- Download installed Solutions

- Extract .wsp files

- Multiple SPSD related

November 21st Raymond Mitchell
SPSite & SPWebs     

- Jason Himmelstein:

Auto-logging your PowerShell session

October 17th Raymond Mitchell
Random Stuff   

- Uploading files

- GetFarmCredentials

- SPWebConfigModifications

- Alternate Access Mappings

- Host Header Site Collections

- Brian Lalancette: AutoSPSourceBuilder

September 14thRaymond Mitchell
Lists & Views  


- SPListCollection, SPList properties

- Creating Lists (with list templates)

- Adding fields

- Adding fields to Views

- Doug Hemminger,
Wendy Neal: Solution/Feature Deployment

August 17thRaymond Mitchell
Web Parts &
Script Demos

New PowerShell + SharePoint forum at

- List Web Parts installed on server

- SPLimitedWebPart Manager

- New Web Part Page creation

- Create & Add Web Parts

- List / Find Web Parts on a page

- Export Web Part

- WebPartPages.asmx Web Service 

- Frank Migacz: Site Collection Administrators

July 13thRaymond Mitchell
Intro & Kickoff 

- SharePoint 2007 method
- General SPSite, SPWeb, SPList

- Quick mentions:

- Convert to PDF

- Show all Web Parts on a page

- Startup/Shutdown scripts

- SharePoint web services

- GetLimitedWebPartManager
- Get-SPError


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