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Welcome to the SharePoint + PowerShell Virtual User Group!
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Welcome to the home of the SharePoint + PowerShell Virtual User Group!  The idea for SharePoSH is for us to meet once a month and discuss PowerShell or SharePoint Object Model topics.  Topics might include:
  •  PowerShell Error Handling
  •  Memory management / object disposal
  •  Scripting best practices to support portability and re-use
  •  Working with Web Parts and Web Part Pages (August Meeting)
  •  Working with the Publishing framework
  •  Deep dives into common classes such as SPSite, SPWeb, SPList
  •  Performance considerations and techniques for querying SPList data
SharePoSH has been on break for a little while but we're looking to restart in May 2014!
If you have a script you'd like to share at the next (or a future meeting) please contact me at
Also, check out our Events page to view slides and recordings from the prvious meetings!
New to the group?  Email to register!
 For more information and updates please follow @SharePoSH on twitter!
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